About Banking at HugeSlots

Whether you enjoy a flutter with your favourite online casino games or book a hotel room via the internet the two things that are likely to concern you most are whether the payment system meets your needs and is it safe.

At HugeSlots we have taken pains to identify the tried and tested leaders in online payment processing and, from them, to assemble a mix that offers our clients both a wide choice and guaranteed peace of mind that all of their transactions are secure.

Making your choice could not be easier. Simply click your preferred provider on the banking page and, if you do not already have one, begin by registering an account.

Credit & Debit Cards

For many the choice will be to use a credit or debit card, a method that is familiar and very widely used for all manner of online payments including the purchase of credits for online gaming purposes. At HugeSlots, we accept a wide range of cards including the popular MasterCard and Visa products and they may be used both to make deposits as well as to receive the proceeds of your withdrawals.

Web Wallets

Although the use of credit cards for online shopping is increasing there are still many who feel reluctant to entrust their card details to cyberspace and even some who do not actually possess them. For these, HugeSlots offers a number of alternatives in which an intermediate service is used to access an account without the need to provide sensitive banking or card details over the internet.

Known as web or online wallets, they are numerous and, in keeping with our focus on high security, HugeSlots has selected some of the most established and trusted service providers in the field to serve our client’s needs.


A Neteller account enables you to deposit cash to or withdraw it from your casino account, hassle-free and with just a unique PIN. The online wallet can be funded from a debit or credit card or from a current account as well as from several other sources. Established in 1999, Neteller has built an enviable reputation for reliability and rates among the industry’s leaders.


This is one for the internet banking fans and works directly with your existing facility but without the need to enter your personal banking credentials to perform transaction. The Poli service can be likened to an ATM card that interacts with your bank to verify your identity in order to open a secure communication channel by which you can then perform your transaction in the normal fashion.


If you have a cellular phone, this one is easy to understand because it works just like a pay-as-you-go mobile. You can buy these pre-paid cards in various different values at more than 7000 pay points worldwide and spend the cash anonymously both online and off. Incidentally, there is no charge for using it and even a bonus for frequent users.


This is also a pre-paid facility but provides the fuller services of a virtual VISA card. Issued under the control of a prominent EU bank, it can be funded from any Visa product as well as from MasterCard. Being prepaid, there is no need to disclose card details to a merchant. An Entropay card can be used anywhere and around-the clock.

Pay Out Policy

We offer a wide range of online games with innumerable ways to win so, when you are ahead, it is quite natural to be concerned about how soon you can get your hands on those all-important winnings.

At HugeSlots, our verified members should have no cause for concern. We guarantee that, providing any terms and conditions applicable to your win such as may be the case with a bonus or special offer, have been met, you can complete your cash out within 24 hours.

Payment Processor

HugeSlots uses e www.emerchantpay.com as its payment processor.  eMerchantPay is one of the world's largest and safest payment gateway, registered with the Financial Services Authority (FSA UK). eMerchantPay utilises state of the art technology and a system of best practises certified by Lloyds Registry for Quality Assurance (ISO 9001) to ensure thes the safest and most secure payment policies for customers. https://www.emerchantpay.com/corporate/certifications/
HugeSlots will maintain customer balances in a fully segregated bank account so players will always be able to access their balances.